When your employees don’t bring their best to work each day, you can’t be successful. I equip busy managers with the tools and inspiration to help their people reach higher levels of performance.

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One Of The Hardest Jobs On Earth.

If you lead people, you have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. If you’re like most people who have been promoted to management you’re intelligent, motivated and committed to making a difference. You want to be effective in leading your team to get the job done. In short, you want to be a great boss.

But it can be frustrating when your employees lack passion for their jobs, and require supervision to work hard and be productive. To complicate things even more, leaders today are often so busy trying get their own work done, that they struggle to find the time to effectively manage their staff.

In fact, many leaders struggle with feelings that they don’t measure up, and incorrectly assume they are not cut out for leadership.

“Our people left motivated, excited and inspired to Reach New Heights.”

Mark Stabler – Regional VP


James_Robbins_CircleHi, I’m James Robbins and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with your own work, and yet still have to worry about making sure your staff is doing everything they need to do. I also know what its like to struggle with my own confidence as a leader. Leading without the right tools or support is not only frustrating, but it can also be discouraging.

I have led everything from small teams to large organizations over the last two decades and I know intimately the challenges that come with leadership. That’s why I developed a company to help equip anyone who leads with the skill set and tools set to be inspirational.

When you learn the right tools along with the correct mindset you are going to see happier, more productive employees who listen to you the first time. No one wants to be a part of a dysfunctional team, where some are motivated while others are not.  When you embrace the secrets of inspirational leadership your employees will be passionate about their work, produce results, and bring their best to work each day.

How To Inspire The Best In Your People

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“Overall the feedback is that yesterday was our best ever team building day and that was primarily due to your presentation.”