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Inspirational Leadership Speaker James Robbins

How do you raise morale in your workplace, get your managers to lead with renewed enthusiasm, and have your teams leave complacency and mediocrity behind? Invite James Robbins to help your managers bring out the best in those they lead.

James is a thought leader in the field of human motivation and its role in leadership, the workplace, and our personal lives. James has a way of inspiring people to raise their game, persevere in the face of difficulty, and bring their best on a daily basis.

Here on this website you will find his latest thinking, programs and resources to help you and your team reach new heights of organizational excellence.

It’s Not About The Mountain…

mountain-circleSir Edmund Hillary once said, “It’s not the mountains we conquer but ourselves.” Whether you’re leading a multinational corporation, a work team, or simply yourself, the real challenge is to make sure you’re operating at your peak. Obstacles will always be present, but those who have learned to get the best out of themselves, while inspiring those around them, are able to conquer new heights.

The enemy to our own greatness is found neither in the elements, nor the competition, but rather within ourselves. A deadly mixture of fear, doubt, and divided focus steals our vision and robs us of our greatness.  But within each of us lies incredible potential for lasting excellence. Only by tapping into our shared potential, will our organizations be able to reach new heights. James Robbins is your guide to help you do this.

 “The path to excellence consists of 1,000 tiny steps.”

– James Robbins