If you missed the previous two entries for this article on the Four Questions You Must Answer In A Speech, you can access them here: Four Questions

Question Three – How
Answering “How” is especially important for those people who really want the practical steps outlined for them. This type of learning style does not care as much about why or what, they just want the action steps to take. This is the learning style that doesn’t bother to read the introduction or forward to books or even the first few chapters. They want to jump ahead to the solutions. Of course having practical steps to take in any speech is a good idea but a certain segment of the population needs to hear this if you are going to keep their attention.
So lets take the example we used above about metabolism and weight loss. We have already answered “Why” and then “What”. So next we can segue into a series of steps on how someone might speed up their metabolism. It might be the top 5 foods to eat, or the the 7 things you can do today to speed up your metabolism. This practical list of steps will really meet the needs of this learning style.

Question Four
The last question we want to answer is “What if”. For example, “If I start eating the five foods you are telling me to eat, what should I look for, or how will I know if it is working.” In this step we are telling people what to look for “if” they have done the steps above. This helps people create their own feedback system which is important for any sense of achievement to take place.

So there you have it. Four questions you want to answer in most speeches you give, no matter how long they are. So next time you have to give a speech or convince your employees of something at your next meeting consider structuring your presentation to answer the four questions.

Good Luck