How To Win Your Argument

You have to convince the team of senior executives that instead of launching a new store, they should instead invest money in shoring up the existing franchises. In order to persuade them to your side you know you need to craft your argument carefully.
Which approach will give you the highest probability of success?

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How To Rejection Proof Your Life

Rejection isn’t pleasant. It can anger us, defeat us, make us feel insecure, discourage us from pressing on, and leave us feeling like a failure. But what if rejection never bothered you again? What if it bounced off you like water off a duck’s back? In fact, one of the hallmarks of successful people is their ability to handle rejection. Here are a few important ideas to help you rejection proof your life.

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The Shift

There are a lot of techniques out there that promise to dramatically improve your life; fewer still that actually deliver. Today I want to introduce you to a simple shift I stumbled on a decade ago that has changed the way I approach my life. It’s one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever learned and in fact, if you use this yourself, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and experience more success along the way. I promise.

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I Can and I Will

Did you hear the story about Rob Konrad, the former Miami Dolphins football player? At the beginning of this year he was out fishing by himself off the coast of South Florida when a wave rocked his boat and he fell overboard. Because his boat was on autopilot it quickly disappeared, leaving him treading water nine miles from shore without a life jacket.

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The Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough to be doing what you’re doing?  Or do you ever struggle with thoughts that  if people only knew the real you, they might lose respect for you? If so, then you may have experienced something called the Imposter... read more

When Life Throws You A Lemon, Make Lemonade.

In less than one month’s time I get to share the stage with one of the biggest names in Leadership. I will be in Asuncion, Paraguay with John Maxwell speaking at a leadership seminar. This will not be a multi-day conference with 20 other speakers; it’s just a one-day... read more

The Two Sides of Staff Motivation

  Imagine trying to get someone to run fast while attached to an open parachute. Its hard.  So how do we motivate this person to run faster? If you said “Get rid of the parachute” you would be wrong. While eliminating the obstacle will make the job... read more


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