The Mouse and the Snake

The audio below is a done-for-you story you can use to spark a great discussion with your team on raising their level of performance. The use of story is so important when you are talking with your employees. Here is one you can use at your next  team meeting. I first tell you the story and then show you ways in which you can use it.   Please forward this on to a manager you know because it will help them spark a great discussion with their staff.    ... read more

Leaders no longer with us

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Accountability Gone Wrong

So my daughter came home from high school and told me she paid someone to write here in-class essay for her. My first thought was where did she get the money, and my next was, you did what! Don’t you hate those moments as a parent when your child does something and you’re not sure what you should say next? I decided to hold off on the lecture and first try to help here see things logically. “So you paid someone to write your essay. But what if that person is not as smart as you, and you end up with a worse grade?” I know right, perfect rebuttal. Feel free to steal it. But what she said next floored me, because it carries an important truth about human motivation and leadership. In fact, if you are failing to do this one thing, it could be the reason why your employees are not performing at their best, owning their work, or being as productive as they could be. “So you paid someone to write your essay. But what if that person is not as smart as you, and you end up with a worse grade?” I asked. “Well, my teacher doesn’t even read them so what’s the point.” She said. “What do you mean your teacher doesn’t read them? How would you know” I asked. “Because one time I wrote a couple of paragraphs and then I just started writing, ‘You don’t even read this,’ over and over for half a page. When he handed our papers back I got 100%.” OK all you parental geniuses out there. What... read more

Hire The Pothole Fairy

I’m not sure if you saw the story about the woman in Russia who was so tired of her city not fixing potholes that she decided to take matter into her own hands and fix them herself. She has now been dubbed the Pothole Fairy, but has also earned a rebuke from the very city she is trying to help. Veronika Bobrus is a 26-year-old florist living in the southern Siberian city of Omsk. She became an overnight sensation when she was caught on someone’s dashcam working on the city’s streets late at night. “I got fed up with the state of our roads,” she told the BBC. “I keep hitting potholes, so I thought I’d just go and fill them.” The dashcam video shows her bent over pouring gravel from a bucket into a pothole, in what looks like the middle of winter, and did I mention this is Siberia. If I were an executive in Russia, I would quickly offer this woman a job. Here’s why; a consistent theme I hear from executives is, “How do I get my employees to take more ownership for their jobs?” Many organizations today suffer from a culture of passing the buck. There are many who don’t want to take responsibility for anything that lays outside of their immediate responsibility, and who can blame them? Why would people want to take a bullet for something that is not even in their job description? The challenge is that there will always be gaps (potholes if you will) in any organization when it comes to whose fault is this? No organization is so... read more

How To Win Your Argument

You have to convince the team of senior executives that instead of launching a new store, they should instead invest money in shoring up the existing franchises. In order to persuade them to your side you know you need to craft your argument carefully.
Which approach will give you the highest probability of success?

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How To Rejection Proof Your Life

Rejection isn’t pleasant. It can anger us, defeat us, make us feel insecure, discourage us from pressing on, and leave us feeling like a failure. But what if rejection never bothered you again? What if it bounced off you like water off a duck’s back? In fact, one of the hallmarks of successful people is their ability to handle rejection. Here are a few important ideas to help you rejection proof your life.

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The Three Best Iphone Apps for Building Habits

When it comes to making huge changes in your life, you want to focus on habit acquisition more than goal achievement. Good habits are the things that ultimately drive success in your life and leadership, but new habits don’t come easy. Recent research by the University College of London has shattered the myth that it takes 21 days to create a habit. They found it takes on average, 66 days to create a new ritual. One of the ways to help create a new habit is to have some kind of feedback system which can track your progress. This is key for both awareness and motivation. With the invention of the smartphone, there are now countless apps to help you track and create new habits. I have tried many of them both free and paid and have finally found a couple which rise above the rest. Trying To Do Too Much The majority of habit and goal setting apps I tried were not effective because they were too complicated. At first they seemed cool with all of their features, but the more complex the app, the less likely you’ll stick to it. The app needs to serve you not the other way around. You want simple, fast, and easy. The other problem I found on many of these apps was that updating your progress each day took multiple steps. When it comes to making life changes, simpler is better. What you want is an easy-to-track visual scoreboard that quickly tells you how you’re doing, and one that can be updated in a matter of seconds. Any more features than... read more

The Shift

There are a lot of techniques out there that promise to dramatically improve your life; fewer still that actually deliver. Today I want to introduce you to a simple shift I stumbled on a decade ago that has changed the way I approach my life. It’s one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever learned and in fact, if you use this yourself, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and experience more success along the way. I promise.

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I Can and I Will

Did you hear the story about Rob Konrad, the former Miami Dolphins football player? At the beginning of this year he was out fishing by himself off the coast of South Florida when a wave rocked his boat and he fell overboard. Because his boat was on autopilot it quickly disappeared, leaving him treading water nine miles from shore without a life jacket.

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