How To Win Your Argument

You have to convince the team of senior executives that instead of launching a new store, they should instead invest money in shoring up the existing franchises. In order to persuade them to your side you know you need to craft your argument carefully.
Which approach will give you the highest probability of success?

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How To Rejection Proof Your Life

Rejection isn’t pleasant. It can anger us, defeat us, make us feel insecure, discourage us from pressing on, and leave us feeling like a failure. But what if rejection never bothered you again? What if it bounced off you like water off a duck’s back? In fact, one of the hallmarks of successful people is their ability to handle rejection. Here are a few important ideas to help you rejection proof your life.

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The Three Best Iphone Apps for Building Habits

When it comes to making huge changes in your life, you want to focus on habit acquisition more than goal achievement. Good habits are the things that ultimately drive success in your life and leadership, but new habits don’t come easy. Recent research by the University College of London has shattered the myth that it takes 21 days to create a habit. They found it takes on average, 66 days to create a new ritual. One of the ways to help create a new habit is to have some kind of feedback system which can track your progress. This is key for both awareness and motivation. With the invention of the smartphone, there are now countless apps to help you track and create new habits. I have tried many of them both free and paid and have finally found a couple which rise above the rest. Trying To Do Too Much The majority of habit and goal setting apps I tried were not effective because they were too complicated. At first they seemed cool with all of their features, but the more complex the app, the less likely you’ll stick to it. The app needs to serve you not the other way around. You want simple, fast, and easy. The other problem I found on many of these apps was that updating your progress each day took multiple steps. When it comes to making life changes, simpler is better. What you want is an easy-to-track visual scoreboard that quickly tells you how you’re doing, and one that can be updated in a matter of seconds. Any more features than... read more

The Shift

There are a lot of techniques out there that promise to dramatically improve your life; fewer still that actually deliver. Today I want to introduce you to a simple shift I stumbled on a decade ago that has changed the way I approach my life. It’s one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever learned and in fact, if you use this yourself, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and experience more success along the way. I promise.

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I Can and I Will

Did you hear the story about Rob Konrad, the former Miami Dolphins football player? At the beginning of this year he was out fishing by himself off the coast of South Florida when a wave rocked his boat and he fell overboard. Because his boat was on autopilot it quickly disappeared, leaving him treading water nine miles from shore without a life jacket.

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The Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough to be doing what you’re doing?  Or do you ever struggle with thoughts that  if people only knew the real you, they might lose respect for you? If so, then you may have experienced something called the Imposter Syndrome, and it holds people back from performing at the top of their game. In this week’s issue I do something a bit different as I take you on a mini-adventure to dangerous city in South America to highlight this problem. Do you have a friend or colleague that is way more talented than they give themselves credit for? Pass this on to them because it will help them overcome the Imposter Syndrome.  ... read more

Inspire Your Staff With The Ultimate Holiday Card

Holidays are coming and you know it is customary for you as a manager to send greeting cards to your staff. The problem is you hate the whole process. I am going to show you how to create a holiday greeting card like they have never laid eyes on before. In our virtual world of email and text messaging, the hand written card has been placed on the endangered species list. The good news is that with rarity comes great value. I want to encourage you as a manager to redefine the holiday greeting card. I want you to create something that will actually move your staff emotionally. What we want to get away from are the usual cards everyone writes each year; the one’s where we sign our name and maybe write the words “Seasons Greetings” if they are not already included on the card. It’s time to raise the standards. I’m talking about a human resources work of art. Imagine for a minute that this year, your employees will actually keep the card you write them. Imagine that they actually take it home and show their family, and that they even bring it back to work in January and keep it in their desk to read every time they are feeling discouraged. Imagine that they auction it off on eBay for a ton of money as “Best Card Ever Written…” Ok, now we are getting carried away. We have become numb to the mechanical expectation of exchanging cards, and the good news for you and me is expectations are at an all time low. Employees do not... read more

When Life Throws You A Lemon, Make Lemonade.

In less than one month’s time I get to share the stage with one of the biggest names in Leadership. I will be in Asuncion, Paraguay with John Maxwell speaking at a leadership seminar. This will not be a multi-day conference with 20 other speakers; it’s just a one-day event with the two of us. Now it’s not like we’re splitting stage time 50/50. I am the opener. I’m like the warm up band that gets on before the main act that everybody has come to see. Last week a friend from Paraguay sent me a photo from the newspaper that was promoting the event. In it you see this huge picture of John Maxwell and then down at the bottom there’s a tiny square with my head in it. It’s perfect. In fact, this is the thrill of a lifetime. Its akin to a high school basketball player getting to shoot hoops with Michael Jordan or an artist sharing some studio time with Picasso. Maxwell really is on that level. Now you might be wondering how I managed to secure such a high profile booking? Well, it all began when my immigration lawyer called me with some bad news. I moved to the US from Canada over three years ago. While I was waiting for my Green Card to process I received a call from an association that wanted me speak at their conference. This was a great opportunity except my work visa at the time didn’t allow me to work for more than one client, which is why I needed my Green Card. Meanwhile, halfway around the... read more

The Two Sides of Staff Motivation

  Imagine trying to get someone to run fast while attached to an open parachute. Its hard.  So how do we motivate this person to run faster? If you said “Get rid of the parachute” you would be wrong. While eliminating the obstacle will make the job easier and they probably will be able to run faster, but it does not mean we have increased the motivation of the runner. A very common misconception is that in order to motivate employees you need to identify the de-motivators and then eliminate them. While this is always helpful, it does not always lead to a motivated workforce. A better way to think of de-motivators is to imagine them as rocks in everyone’s shoes when they are climbing a mountain. The pebbles make the journey a lot more difficult. Removing them will definitely create a more satisfying environment but does it increase your motivation to climb the mountain? Probably not. The first person to make this distinction between motivators and de-motivators is a psychologist by the name of Frederick Herzberg. By studying workplace motivation, he made a profound discovery that is still talked about more than 40 years later. Herzberg found that the things which satisfied and motivated people at work, are different in kind from the things that make them dissatisfied. Things like low salaries, uncomfortable workspaces, stupid processes, annoying bosses, and dysfunctional teams, lead to job dissatisfaction. Herzberg called these Hygiene Factors as they were mostly related to the environmental factors surrounding a job, rather than the work itself. Herzberg’s research also found that people are more motivated by achievement,... read more


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