1. First Ascents Private Executive Coaching

2. Executive Speech Coaching

First Ascents Private Executive Coaching

First Ascents is a rare opportunity to work one-on-one with James to explore the true potential of your life both personally and in business. First Ascents is about going beyond what you thought possible and discovering your next level of potential. Every year James opens up only a handful of spots to take part in his First Ascents coaching program. Over the years James has developed a powerful coaching process for leaders and executives to help them reach new levels of effectiveness. This is truly a one-of-a-kind coaching program not found anywhere else.

Through First Ascents elite performance coaching, you will discover:

  • A process to redefine clarity in your life and business
  • A unique system to double your productivity enabling you to take more time off and still get more done
  • How to reach new levels of excellence and effectiveness in your professional life
  • Tools to develop a high performance mindset
  • Ways to increase your effectiveness as a leader
  • Strategies to launch you out of your comfort zone and into a place of intensive growth
  • A strategy to bring more meaning, passion and purpose to your life

*Included in your tuition is an invitation to James’ First Ascents Summit, a high intensity leadership training workshop held in the Canadian Rockies. Only a handful of candidates from around the world are accepted to this event.

*Minimum three-month coaching required to qualify for First Ascents Summit.


Executive Speech Coaching

A great speech can move hearts, motivate lives and reinforce corporate culture. A bad speech can do all of the opposite. If you have an upcoming high-stakes presentation, don’t leave it to chance. James will help you design, craft and deliver a winning presentation that exceeds the expectations of your audience. From crafting your original messaging to the final touches of delivery, James will ensure your presentation hits the mark.


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