1. I would bring in the managers from each department of the ship for a debrief. My goal here is to gather the lessons learned in handling both guests, and staff during the crisis. These lessons would then be passed on to every manager in the company. I may even try to have a couple of training days where some of the crew from the Triumph were present to share their stories and pass on what was learned.
  2. The managers or staff who performed especially well, I would send them to other cruise ships to share their stories of what happened, what they learned, and what they would do differently. I would make sure everyone in Carnival had a chance to hear these manager’s stories.
  3. I would make sure the crew of the Triumph got some type of bonus for their hard work whether it was money or paid days off.
  4. I would make sure the crew heard from me directly about how much their efforts have been a bright spot for Carnival and how their efforts made the best of a bad situation for guests.
  5. Finally, I would want to know which staff was the best of the best during the crisis and then I would create a new award, kind of like a medal of honor, to be given to them for acts of extreme heroics. I would have a nice ceremony at a nice hotel and invite the recipients. I would then make sure that all of the Carnival staff had access to their stories as a source of inspiration.

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