James Robbins Presents

A live training webinar.

The Inspirational Manager

Discover a simple framework to help you increase the buy-in, motivation, and engagement of your staff and become the boss everyone wants to work for.

Wednesday October 31st

2:00-3:00PM EST

Your Success as a Manager

Your success as a leader hinges on your ability to motivate and engage your employees.

But a lot of us are so busy that we find it hard to dedicate the proper time to leading and motivating our people, leaving our employees disengaged and our teams operating at a fraction of their potential.

But when your focus the small amount of time you have on the few things that produce the greatest results then everything changes. The small things are the Engagement Drivers.

In this webinar I’m going to show you how to increase staff motivation and morale even if you’re crazy busy yourself. By tapping into the proven Engagement Drivers you will create an energized team that shows up each day ready to give their best.

What You Will Learn

  • The 70% of staff motivation that is within your direct influence that you must leverage or you will constantly suffer from unmotivated employees.  
  • One simple question that will get your staff to take more ownership for their  development.
  • A dead-simple technique for shaping an employee’s behavior that takes less than 15 seconds. – (This one is going to surprise you.)
  • The single mind shift you must make in order move from manager to inspirational leader who produces epic results.
  • A proven psychological principle which, once tapped into, eliminates the toxic ‘WIIFM (what’s in it for me) attitude amongst your employees.

There is ony room for 100.

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