Changing The World a Cabin at a Time.

Vision captures the hearts and imaginations of those you lead, but if you’re team has been stuck in a routine lately, how do you come up with a new one?

A compelling vision does not have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s as easy as asking a few questions. Here are a few that might help you get the ball rolling:

  1. How can the future be better than it is now?
  2. What might happen if we…? (Try to imagine doing something as a team you’ve never done before)
  3. Imagine for a moment if we didn’t have to worry about…? (Insert a common problem or roadblock.)
  4. What would it be like if we no longer had to…? (Think of something you always do and then imagine life if you eliminated it)
  5. What could we accomplish as a team that we would be proud of 10 years from now?
  6. If we pooled all of our strengths as a team, what could we do that we’re not even considering?

These are great questions to discuss with your team at your next meeting. Of course feel free to add any more that fit your group.

Remember vision has the power to ignite a new level of motivation on your team. Don’t let the busyness of business push your vision to the back burner.


* Here are some links to the Gateway to the Arctic Camp along with a great video below that shows you some of the impact from Ray’s vision.

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