Nine Minutes Program

The Easy Way To Turn Managers Into Leaders

Transform your Managers in Only 9-Minutes a Week!
The number one reason why managers fail to increase productivity, and get the best out of their people is they neglect to keep their leadership priorities in front of them. In today’s environment it’s easy to become task focused, leaving work teams that are overmanaged, underled, and operating below their true potential. When managers keep their leadership priorities in front of them however, extraordinary things happen.

Nine Minutes on Monday is the simple system that helps busy managers raise productivity, boost morale, and increase employee engagement. By combining practical training in management best practices with a simple system of execution, your managers will never neglect the people side of your business again. No matter how busy your managers are, Nine Minutes on Monday will ensure your staff are motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each day

Some of the benefits of Nine Minutes on Monday

  • Better Performance Management
    Your managers will no longer avoid those difficult conversations that address sub-par performance. With easy-to-use tools for giving feedback, your managers will have a stress-free way of boosting performance while driving complacency from the workplace.
  • More Appreciative Workplaces
    Your managers will become naturals at effective reward and recognition strategies that cost nothing and increase an employee’s sense of significance, and value to your organization.
  • Increased Performance Through Coaching
    Managers will see higher efficiency, and performance as they implement these simple coaching strategies which, will shape effective behavior in the workplace.
  • Higher Employee Retention
    By meeting the fundamental psychological, and social needs in the workplace, your managers will see an increase in employee retention and engagement.
  • More Purposeful Workplaces
    Your managers will see an increase in staff investment as they begin routinely helping employees find purpose and meaning in their work.
  • More Manager Initiative
    Watch your managers take more initiative in dealing with issues among their employees, saving HR and upper management from having to get involved.
  • Stronger Teams
    Watch morale and collaboration take off as managers increase team cohesion without time intensive team building days.
  • Stronger Sense of Autonomy
    Your managers will notice an increase in their employee’s initiative by promoting a sense of autonomy at work.
  • Increased Trust
    Trust is built with purposeful actions. As you managers implement the 3 C’s of Trust they will witness their own influence grow among their staff.
  • Increased Manager Confidence
    By equipping your managers with the practical tools to help them lead more effectively, you will see an increase in their confidence resulting in happier, more successful leaders.
  • Increased Desire To Lead
    Your managers will show a renewed passion to grow and excel in their role as leaders.

The Program

The Nine Minutes on Monday program is a half-day or full-day workshop dedicated to helping your managers foster employee engagement, increase motivation and raise productivity. It is based on management best practices and grounded in research on human motivation and workplace excellence. It comes with the Nine Minutes on Monday System to help each of your managers implement the pillars of effective leadership.

The Workshop

The workshop is a fast moving, motivating and instructional session filled with practical tools and content which managers can implement the very next day. James further enhances the session with video and stories from adventures around the world to make an inspirational learning experience. With over 1,000 presentations under his belt, James knows how to keep your managers engaged for a day of practical training. Your staff will have a lot of fun while they learn.

The Nine Minutes System

Nine Minutes on Monday is an easy to follow system that will keep your managers focused on their most important leadership priorities. The weekly template will keep your managers from being buried in tasks and neglecting their most important leadership functions. The program works because it provides a practical time-sensitive solution to help your managers implement the practices of today’s most effective leaders. The program comes with the Nine Minutes Workbook, the weekly planning resource, Nine Minute Tracker, blank weekly templates, and an easy reference card for their desktop.




What You Will Learn

  • How to implement the top engagement drivers and identify which ones you need to focus on the most to create a motivated and high performance team
  • How to apply the top drivers of engagement with employees who are telecommuting
  • Increase motivation with the three simple questions that will connect purpose to pay by creating a clear line of sight between what employees do and how it affects the organization
  • How to use the simple 9-minute template to keep your leadership priorities in front of you no matter how busy you are so your people are never without their leader
  • A four-step formula for giving feedback that takes the stress out of addressing sub-par performance and drives complacency from the workplace
  • The Four Psychological Needs you must meet in order to connect an employee emotionally to your organization and tap into their intrinsic motivation
  • Watch your employees performance and confidence soar with this simple coaching model you can use to develop your staff on a limited time budget
  • The four keys to reward and recognition that will make your employees feel valued and appreciated while seeing you as an inspirational boss
  • The one activity that takes only 10-minutes a week that is a proven engagement driver which most managers neglect
  • The four emotional bonds you want to make with every new hire during their first 30 days that will get them up to speed quickly and literally cement them to your organization
  • Five ways to increase initiative and buy-in among your staff while turning employees into business partners
  • The three things you must do in order to create a massive growth spike in any of your employees and why they will love you for it
  • The 5 key practices to help you operate as a high performer so your example serves as a source of inspiration for your team

Training That Sticks

Too often training money is wasted on workshops and seminars that simply convey information. Unless you have a system of follow-up and accountability, the changes you want to make will rarely stick. Nine Minutes on Monday provides the necessary follow-up ensuring that your training dollars are maximized. The principles covered will help you create an energized and engaged work team and will save your organization thousands of dollars in reduced employee turnover.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Front-line and Mid-level Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Corporate Trainers
  • HR Managers

If you are interested in increasing staff motivation, raising productivity, boosting employee morale then give James a call and ask for more details regarding Nine Minutes on Monday.

You will be amazed at how something so simple, and so quick can drastically change how your managers lead your people.

Contact The Robbins Group at 904-707-0484 or send James an email here.

The Nine Minutes on Monday System

“Two years later, and I am still using James’ concepts to keep my leadership priorities in front of me. It is one of the most powerful tools I use as a leader.”

Robin O’ Hearn – HR Manager
Delta Hotels

Customized Program

James will customize this program in order to meet your current management and engagement weak spots, ensuring that your training dollars are maximized and you see immediate results.

Testimonials From Some of James’ Programs

More Testimonials

“The best leadership seminar I have attended!

Lisa Hamonic – Indian Affairs and Northern Communities





“One of the most practical workshops I have been to. I can hardly wait to get started on the follow-up.”

Jill – Manager Workers Compensation Board



“Great Inspiring stories to give any leader a true sense of just how much impact they can make on their team and organization. Love the 12-week follow-up.”

Johanna – HR Manager Town of Canmore



“Truly inspirational, James has a way of captivating his audience through the many stories that he has to share.

Carla – Guest Activities Manager Delta Hotels



“Awesome speaker – Jamie held the rooms interest at all times.

Audra Schalk Manager

Healthcare and Employee Benefits Manitoba



“I loved it. It was very engaging. This will be a seminar that I will never forget.”

Cherie Gebhardt – Manager

Assiniboine Credit Union



“Excellent presentation, Whether a new manager or a manager of 30 years…a benefit to all.


Norm Brennand

Indian Affairs and Northern Communities



“One of the most practical workshops I have been to. I can hardly wait to get started on the follow-up.

Jill Haws

Millard Health



“Loved the innovative approach of a 12-week follow-up.

Shairose Lalji

WCB Alberta



“Very engaging and enjoyable. I will be actively putting much of this into practice! Love that there is a follow-up component!”

Gina Savoie

WCB Alberta



“Good practical information combined with inspiring stories. A day well spent!”


Ambrose Sun

Millard Health



“Very good course, very practical, lots of challenges for me. Looking forward to the practical application.”


Calvin Haws

WCB Albert